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Why startups work with us?

Aryng’s expertise lies in partnering with startups to attain their growth goals by streamlining and utilizing Analytics, Data Science, and Data Engineering toward maximum impact. We deliver end-to-end strategic projects that help improve profitability, increase growth, raise the next round of funding, or go IPO.

Data Science Readiness Assessment

In this strategic phase, we work closely with the executive team to identify the biggest data use-cases and formulate a step-by-step plan to achieve them.

Executive Sessions

Competing on Analytics and AI
Analytics and AI Strategic Planning workshop
AI Operational Roadmap Workshop

Hands -on Assessment

Technology Assessment
People Assessment
Process Assessment

What are the outcomes?

Analytics Agenda

Highest value data use cases with estimated impact for each

Business overview dashboard

KPI metric dashboard visualizing top KPIs and driver metrics

Assessment Reports

Technology, people and process gaps along with recommended fixes



Aryng partners with clients using cost-efficient, long-term retainer model with SWAT team deployment. Our Data Science, Analytics and Data Engineering team uses BADIR to quickly produce actionable insights and deploy models and data engineering solutions.

Aryng builds long-term execution partnerships. Our expert team executes on high-value projects using our proprietary data to decision framework called BADIR. It reduces analytical wastage and produces a significant impact

Product Analytics

We partner to better understand users, improve engagement, reduce friction, drive conversion and growth

Marketing Analytics

We partner to better understand the customer journey, acquire high-value users, habituate users, and personalize communication to create a delightful digital experience

Web Analytics

We partner to understand the user behavior, optimize and personalize flow and create a wonderful web experience

Sales and Operation

We partner to optimize the sale conversion, reduce and optimize operational wastage

Past Results:

2X revenue growth


Improved trial rate by 50%


Reduced churn by 10%


Aryng builds long-term execution partnerships. Our expert team uses both simple and state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques to produce actionable insights or deployable ML models for rapid growth leveraging

Model Assessment

We review currently deployed ML models to access model performance and propose solutions with improved accuracy and efficiency

Build Machine Learning and Deep learning models

Build impactful machine learning models to drive growth by better forecasting, customer segmentation, recommendation, and personalization

Model deployment and maintenance

Deploy Machine Learning and deep learning models effectively and efficiently

Past Results:

Reduced OpX cost by 25%


Improved subscription rate by 15%


Aryng builds long-term execution partnerships. Our expert team successfully plans, runs, and reads experiment results following Aryng’s proprietary BEDIR framework

Experiment readiness assessment

Set up a process to run and read experiments with confidence and attribute results to changes

BEDIR applied to Experiments

Apply BEDIR framework to business problems to run and read results of complex experiments towards quick ROI

Build SSOT

Build a Single Source of Truth for top 300 - 400 metrices for easy and fast data access across the organization

Past Results:

Improved LTV by 2x


Set up universal control group


Improved product adoption by 15%


Our SWAT data engineering team follows both top-down and bottoms-up approach to identify the top 300 - 400 metrics and create a well architected Single Source of Truth that can be used by everyone in the organization

Build SSOT

Build a Single Source of Truth for top 300 - 400 metrices for easy and fast data access across the organization

Data Warehouse

Architect and build an EDW to support all business applications


Build a single dashboard based on the SSOT and mathematical business model to support data driven decision making within the organization

Past Results:

Reduced Analyst work by 70% with the data model


Single interactive KPI dashboard with L1 to L10 driver metrics replacing dozens of old reports


“We hired Aryng to identify problems in our customer onboarding process and suggest an actionable solution. Piyanka came for a quick 2 days onsite assessment. She interviewed the leadership team, the risk team and was able to align everyone to a common problem definition with several viable solutions

She then laid a detailed aligned plan with timelines towards $5 million + in incremental revenue by improving onboarding that her team is currently partnering with us to execute on.

If you have an internal customer or product problem but can’t put your finger on exactly where the problem is or what the solution is, I highly recommend hiring Aryng’s SWAT data science team to do a quick Project Assessment and execute the solution.”

Dickson Chu

“We engaged Aryng as we began our journey towards setting up Analytics Center of Excellence. Team Aryng was outstanding in quickly understanding our current analytics capabilities and helped us narrow down the analytics agenda. Based on the agenda, Aryng helped lay out the team structure and the specific analytics skills for the Analytics COE. I highly recommend hiring Aryng if you are in the process of setting up Analytics COE or developing internal analytics capability.”

Ed Senko

“IMVU engaged with Aryng for strategic guidance on scaling and improving our data infrastructure and analytics capabilities...the Aryng team exhibited the experience and gravitas required to provide excellent feedback and actionable suggestions that we are using to drive powerful changes in the ways we collect, analyze and use data throughout the company.”

James B

“Aryng was a fantastic business partner. We were able to provide less ­than ­perfect concept backed by raw data and they helped us to enable rich, meaningful & actionable insights. Team Aryng has shown the ability to utilise different statistical approach to address business questions. CLTV modelling is one example that Aryng demonstrated innovation on the modelling framework. Meltag's engagement with Aryng was extremely fruitful and would recommend to anyone who need kick-ass analysis basis the business case.”

Saureen Adani